• Radiation recuperator

The RadiaMant dissipates heat in a single, double-walled tube, which makes it particularly resistant and durable.

1.000 – 
1.480 °C
Exhaust gas temperature
1.000 – 
10.000 Nm³
Exhaust gas quantity
until 700 °C
Air preheating
Corrosion resistance
Dust suitability
Double-walled against aggressive components
Its durability is unrivalled at high exhaust gas temperatures and exhaust gases with particularly aggressive components.

Areas of application

Its robust design and smooth inner tube wall make it suitable for use where exhaust gases with temperatures of over 1,000 °C and exhaust gases with particularly aggressive components are present.
Radiant recuperators on rolling mill furnaces are a cost-effective and space-saving solution for reducing energy consumption.
There is no alternative to the RadiMant in forging furnaces when ingots containing aggressive casting aids are used.
The RadiaMant is recommended for smaller aluminium smelting furnaces if the exhaust gas contains highly corrosive components.
For the glass industry with its extremely high melting temperatures, radiant recuperators such as the RadiaMant enable efficient recovery of thermal energy from the hot exhaust gases.
Porcelain, earthenware and stoneware are fired at high temperatures of up to 1,480 °C over a long period of time. The RadiaMant can significantly reduce energy consumption here.

Simple principle
- maximum resistance

The Peiler radiant recuperator dissipates heat in a single, double-walled tube. It can be integrated vertically directly into the chimney.

Solution for maximum efficiency.

Every situation is individual. We respond with the best possible solution for maximum heat recovery.
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