• Convection/radiation recuperator

The turbomant combines the functionality of a radiation recuperator with that of a convection recuperator.

900 – 
1.300 °C
Exhaust gas temperature
1.000 – 
10.000 Nm³
Exhaust gas quantity
until 500 °C
Air preheating
Corrosion resistance
Dust suitability
Dual function with a lot of fuss
The turbulence of the exhaust gases results in a high convective heat transfer in the pipe bundle and on the inner wall of the double jacket.

Areas of application

Its versatility results from its ability to combine the advantages of a radiation recuperator and a convection recuperator. This makes it suitable for various requirements in different environments, provided the exhaust gas does not contain any aggressive substances.
The TurboMant is a cost-effective and space-saving solution for reducing energy consumption in smaller rolling mill furnaces.
The Turbomant helps to maintain temperature stability in the holding furnace. The even heat transfer prevents excessive temperature fluctuations, which is important to maintain the desired properties of the material.
The TurboMant is a cost-effective and space-saving solution for reducing energy consumption in forging furnaces, provided that no aggressive substances are contained in the exhaust gas.
The TurboMant is recommended for smaller aluminium melting furnaces if the exhaust gas does not contain any corrosive components.
Porcelain, earthenware and stoneware are fired at high temperatures of up to 1,480 °C over a long period of time. The TurboMant can significantly reduce energy consumption here.

Smart principle
- Maximum efficiency

Additional tubes are installed inside a double-walled casing pipe. It therefore does not have the disadvantages of a pure radiation recuperator, where the heat transfer capacity drops considerably as the temperature of the flue gases decreases, but it also does not achieve the same stability if corrosive flue gas components attack the material. It can be integrated vertically directly into the chimney.

Solution for maximum efficiency.

Every situation is individual. We respond with the best possible solution for maximum heat recovery.
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