• Convection recuperator

The convection recuperator works particularly efficiently. It achieves a high level of efficiency even at low flue gas temperatures.

400 – 
1.050 °C
Exhaust gas temperature
2.000 – 
500.000 Nm³
Exhaust gas quantity
until 700 °C
Air preheating
Corrosion resistance
Dust suitability

Favourable thermal efficiency

Even if the exhaust gas temperatures are in a low range.

Areas of application

Peiler convection recuperators are used wherever exhaust gas temperatures up to a maximum of 1,050 °C and air temperatures up to 700 °C are present.
In rolling mills, advanced processes and better furnace technology ensure lower exhaust gas temperatures. This makes SteelFlow, with its high efficiency, a good choice even at low temperatures.
Convection recuperators help to maintain temperature stability in the holding furnace. The even convective heat transfer prevents excessive temperature fluctuations, which is important to maintain the desired properties of the material.
The SteelFlow is a very efficient solution for larger forging furnaces if no aggressive casting aids are present.
Aluminium melting furnaces must maintain high temperatures in order to melt the aluminium. The AluFlow as a special form of SteelFlow can achieve optimum results here.
The specially designed ThermaFlow offers suitable solutions for the requirements of thermal post-combustion plants with their often dusty exhaust gases.
The cremation of the deceased takes place in two stages: In the first stage, temperatures of around 900 °C are reached in a muffle furnace, and in the second stage, temperatures of up to 1,200 °C are reached by switching on a gas burner. The second stage consumes a lot of energy, which is where the use of this Peiler recuperator leads to noticeable energy savings.
Variable design
Cooling air flows are channelled through a large number of pipes in the exhaust gas flow in such a way that they ensure rapid removal of the heat.
High flexibility
Lyra-shaped tube bundles can be used to compensate for differential expansions that occur under particularly high thermal stress by means of stronger or less pronounced deflections.
Great effect
The convection recuperator still has a relatively favourable thermal efficiency even when the exhaust gas temperatures are in a low range.

Simple principle
- Maximum efficiency

The convection recuperator can be used in all types of ovens, even if the exhaust gases contain aggressive substances. The convection recuperator can be optimally adapted to the respective operational requirements thanks to the variable division of its pipe systems into materials of different qualities and targeted control of the pipe wall temperatures.

Solution for maximum efficiency.

Every situation is individual. We respond with the best possible solution for maximum heat recovery.
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