• Convection recuperator

Specially developed for the requirements of the aluminium industry, this recuperator sets standards in terms of efficiency and durability.

600 – 
850 °C
Exhaust gas temperature
3.000 – 
25.000 Nm³
Exhaust gas quantity
until 500 °C
Air preheating
Corrosion resistance
Dust suitability

Favourable thermal efficiency

Even if the exhaust gas temperatures are in a low range.

Areas of application

In the difficult chemical conditions with chlorine and fluorine in the exhaust gases, the use of salt when scraping off the slag or the dust produced when melting down scrap, the performance and durability of a recuperator are crucial.
Aluminium melting furnaces have to maintain high temperatures in order to melt the aluminium, which requires a considerable amount of energy. The AluFlow can reduce this considerably.
Thanks to the variable distribution of its pipe systems across materials of different qualities and targeted control of the pipe wall temperatures, the AluFlow can withstand the difficult conditions in the best possible way.

Simple principle
- High resistance

The convection recuperator can be used in all types of ovens, even if the exhaust gases contain aggressive substances or dust. The AluFlow can achieve high efficiency and good durability even under these conditions.

Minimum radiation
- maximum efficiency