• Convection recuperator

Designed for thermal post-combustion, the ThermaFlow offers low-maintenance cleaning options for dusty exhaust air.

450 – 
1.050 °C
Exhaust gas temperature
5.000 – 
100.000 Nm³
Exhaust gas quantity
until 650 °C
Air preheating
Corrosion resistance
Dust suitability

Favourable thermal efficiency

Even if the exhaust gas temperatures are in a low range.

Areas of application

To minimise the costs of additional fuels in TNV systems, the Peiler ThermaFlow for exhaust air preheating offers the optimum solution. An economic analysis shows that even larger exhaust air preheaters (with temperatures of 500 °C to 600 °C) can often amortise in less than two years - even with combustion temperatures of approx. 800 °C.
Its flexible design and high efficiency make the ThermaFlow a highly efficient solution - both for new installations and for modernising old systems.
The particularly large number of pipe bundles results in extremely high efficiency at low temperatures and exhaust air flows.

Simple principle
- Maximum efficiency

The convection recuperator can be used in all types of ovens, even if the exhaust gases contain large amounts of dust. The ThermaFlow can ensure high efficiency and low-maintenance operation even under these conditions.

Minimum radiation
- Maximum efficiency