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Peiler Montanwärme | Konvektionsrekuperator | SteelFlow


The convection recuperator works particularly efficiently. It achieves a high level of efficiency even at low flue gas temperatures.
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Peiler Montanwärme | Rekuperatoren | RadiaMant Strahlungsrekuperator


The RadiaMant dissipates heat in a single, double-walled tube, which makes it particularly resistant and durable.
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Peiler Montanwärme | Rekuperatoren | TurboMant


The turbomant combines the functionality of a radiation recuperator with that of a convection recuperator.
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Peiler Montanwärme | AluFlow Konvektionsrekuperator


Specially developed for the requirements of the aluminium industry, this recuperator sets standards in terms of efficiency and durability.
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Peiler Montanwärme | Konvekitonsrekuperator für thermische Nachverbrennung | ThermaFlow


Designed for thermal post-combustion, the ThermaFlow offers low-maintenance cleaning options for dusty exhaust air.
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